Every coin has its own story to tell – its design and year of minting may have represented a succession of important eras, a landmark historical event, a symbol of personal achievement or a significant moment in life.

Coinwatch has been producing symbolic timepieces by merging coins with special designs, historical and commemoratory values as dials with practical time-telling functions to remind their wearers of that particular moment.

Founded in Australia in 1984, Coinwatch’s creations – all housing superb Swiss-made movements – have been produced by professional watchmakers. The company’s international popularity rested not only on the combination of elegant designs and unique values of the coins, but also the endorsements from national mints around the world. With that, Coinwatch was authorized to manufacture timepieces imbedded with local values and national characteristics, thanks to the currency dials, which have been well-received by local markets.

Staying true to its innovative spirit and not to be bound by its legacy of hugely-successful coin dials, Coinwatch’s design team has moved forward and embraced the fundamentals of watch design for now. The brand has evolved into a watchmaker of our time established to stand for simple and refined elegance, practical designs and competitive pricing.