Maintenance & Tips

To ensure continuing pleasure and performance of your COINWATCH timepiece, the following tips may be helpful to you.

  • Keep your watch clean with a soft dry cloth

  • All metals may be slightly damaged by exposure to humidity, sea water or natural perspiration. Keep your timepiece in a dry place, protected against humidity of any kind.

  • If your watch is not water-resistant and has been in contact with a damp environment, gently dab dry with a soft cloth.

  • If it is water-resistant and has been in contact with sea water or strong natural perspiration, rinse in fresh water before drying.

  • COINWATCH timepieces are precision instruments that need maintenance. The timepiece should be served by an authorized COINWATCH Service Center on a regular basis.

  • Replace weak or dead batteries immediately. Weak or dead batteries may leak fluids that can damage the movement.

  • Water-resistant timepieces should be serviced annually to ensure the integrity of the case’s water-resistance.

  • Any loose or broken parts should be repaired immediately. Avoid dust and shock. Never open the timepiece yourself.

  • Exposure to water may cause leather strap to crack, become brittle or change color. Contact with perfume should be avoided to preserve the finish of the leather. The endurance of the leather strap is dependent on your care and wearing habits.