Medallion Collection Fighter Plane Coin Watch
A Perfect Interpretation of Masculinity


This year, the brand manifests its innovative spirit with its latest creation to the Medallion Collection – a timepiece imbued with modernity and military elements, to illustrate a distinctive facet of masculinity. The C161 model is referred to the WWII Fighter Planes silver commemorative coins issued by the Perth Mint Australia in 2008. Three military aircrafts are specially picked as the engraved motifs on the casebacks. For the C161BBK featuring a black case and a black dial, the brand adopts the image of the Messerschmitt Bf109 from Germany; while the C161SIY, which consists of a 316L stainless steel case with a black bezel and a khaki dial, is ornamented by a soaring Yakovlev Yak-3 from the Soviet Union; and last but not least, the iconic North American P-51 Mustang is incised on the back of the C161BGN with a black case and an army green dial. Contrastive from the brand’s conventional impression of genteel, polished designs, the tough and robust character of the Fighter Planes provides a refreshing alternative for Coinwatch.

The watch is geared with GMT indication to cater to the practical needs of modern globetrotters. Apart from a date display at 3H, the inner circle at the centre also serves as a 24H time indicator for an alternate time zone, which is accompanied by the rotational bezel marked with the names of global cities, equipping the wearer with a global timekeeper. The time zone can be easily customized using the crown on the left of the case at 9H.

A Swiss-made quartz movement is housed in a case assimilating the outline of a coin. The bezel is bolted with four screws for a neat yet sturdy look, demonstrating the brand’s subtle aesthetics. The 43mm 316L stainless steel case matches superbly with the virile style of the watch. What’s more, the case is skillfully treated with black PVD or coupled with a black PVD bezel, which brings out an exceptional tint of dynamic trendiness. The watch also keeps up with the high functionality of military timepieces by offering extreme readability with its easy-to-read watch hands, clear-cut hour-markers and an oversize dial. Available in khaki, black or army green, the dial is paired with a genuine leather or nylon strap of the matching tone. Not only can it showcase an outstanding personal style, but also serve as a forerunner in the revival trend of military watches. As a correspondence to the theme of masculine vigor, the watch offers a water resistance of 100 metres, and each version is exclusively available in 999 pieces only.